About Clean Diesel

About Clean Diesel

The United States faces mounting energy and environmental problems. Commercializing new technologies will take time and money, bringing added value to immediate, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. Conserving energy through the use of more fuel-efficient technologies is an emerging field. From new clean diesel cars to big-rig trucks and off-road construction or farm equipment, a new generation of clean diesel technology is in place, using a combination of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel, advanced fuel-efficient diesel engines, and highly effective emission controls. Clean diesel technologies continue to address the recent energy and environmental problems.

Energy Savings and Environmental Benefits of Clean Diesel:
Clean diesel cars and light truck are available today and can begin saving energy now. Diesel hybrid transit buses, school buses, and work trucks are on the roads and entering commercialized production. Utilities, transit agencies, and school districts are already realizing a 40% reduction in fuel consumption and emissions.

Clean Diesel Technology's Potential to Lower GHG Emissions and Oil Imports:
Diesel engines are the most energy-efficient internal combusion engines. New clean diesel cars are increasing in availability, delivering gasoline-equivalent emissions, and with 20-40% more efficient fuel. They also emit 10-20% less CO2.

Clean Diesel Technology as a Platform for Other Alternative Technologies:
Hybrid diesel electric technology is well established as the most advanced urban transit bus technology. Furthur use is being expanded to a wide range of vehicles and equipment, including locomotives, commercial delivery, and refuce trucks, as well as some construction equipment and even passenger vehicles. Diesel engines in use today can also use high quality biodiesel blends and next generation renewable diesel fuels.

How Clean Diesel Vehicles can Support Green Technology Jobs:
An economic stimulus package focusing on repairing and upgrading the nation's infrastructure of roads and bridges will use diesel-powered construction equipment. Rail, bus, truck, and marine transportation are vital to all industries and are largely diesel-powered. Building, operating, and repairing new clean diesel vehicles as well as retrofitting older ones employs millions of people across the country. Investment in this technology will help the economy as well as the environment.

Check out the EPA mapping widget, MyEnvironment, that was created to promote local environmental awareness.

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