Alternative Fuel Products

Alternative Fuel Products

Alternative fuel products include catalytic converters to reduce NOx emissions, HC emissions, and CO emissions from alternative fuel engine exhaust. Choose an emission control system from below for your alternative fuel diesel retrofit.


Material Handling Diesel Retrofit

Emission Control System: 3-Way Closed Loop Catalytic Converter

Manufacturer: Engine Control Systems (ECS)


The TermiNOx converts any open-loop LPG or CNG fueled off-road engine into a state-of-the-art, digitally programmable, closed-loop, 3-way controlled enge that simultaneously reduces CO, HC, and NOx emissions by an impressive and verified 85-90+%. In addition, the fuel efficiency of the vehicle typically improves by as much as 20%. Combine these savings and reduced building ventilation costs and the TermiNOx system can provide you a full return on your clean diesel technology investment in as little as one year.

The TermiNOx upgrades uncontrolled spark-ignited engines used in industrial applications with state-of-the-art, electronic, closed-loop fuel control and 3-way catalytic emissions control to reduce smog-causing emissions by over 90%, toxic carbon monoxide emissions by over 85%, and fuel consumption by 10-20%.


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2-Way Purimufflers

Material Handling Diesel Retrofit

Emission Control System: 2-Way Catalytic Converter

Manufacturer: Engine Control Systems


The 2-Way Purimuffler will effectively reduce carbon monoxide and oodor causing hydrocarbon emissions from LPG, CNG, and gasoline powered industrial equipment. An integrated catalytic converter and muffler, 2-Way Purimufflers are easy to install. ECS also offers an electronic safety package and/or temperature gauge to monitor exhaust temperature and warn of potential vehicle problems that might negatively affect the equipment and system performance.

2-Way Purimufflers are the quickest and most economical way to reduce carbon monoxide (CO) emissions. Pre-2004 model year forklift trucks have open loop fuel systems with little control of the air fuel ration and exhaust emissions. The lack of a closed loop electronic control module on these engines means that the exhaust can run rich or lean under portions of the vehicle duty cycle. Rich air fuel ration problems can cause un-burned fuel to pass into the exhaust, which can damage the catalyst.

The 2-Way Purimuffler corrects these conditions by means of an integrated venturi. The venturi ensures the presence of sufficient oxygen, to insure high conversion of deadly carbon monoxide (CO) and reduction of hydrocarbon (HC) odors over the catalyst, while preventing excessive exhaust temperatures.


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