Funding Opportunities for Emissions Controls

Ward Clean Air Products can help you find the funding or grant program that works best for you, and help you apply to that program for the emission control system that you've chosen. We offer cradle-to-grave service, which includes getting you the money you need to complete your diesel retrofit. Please click here to send us more information about you, so we can help you find the grant opportunity that's best writing service.


PA State Clean Diesel Grant Program

REGION: Pennsylvania
ELIGIBLE APPLICATIONS: School districts, municipal authorities, political subdivisions, incorporated nonprofit entities, other state agencies, corporations, limited liability companies or partnerships incorporated or registered in the commonwealth
The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is offering reimbursement grant funding for mobile source diesel emission reduction projects in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. the primary goal of the Clean Diesel Grant Program is to improve Pennsylvania's air quality by decreasing emissions from diesel-powered mobile sources.

Read more about Grant Guidelines at the DEP website


Ohio Diesel Emission Reduction Grant Program

REGION: 35 Ohio Counties (view map)
ELIGIBLE APPLICATIONS: All applicable vehicles (view list)
Ohio EPA announces a new grant program expected to award up to $10 million in Federal Highway Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) funding for clean diesel projects in 2012 and another $10 million in 2013.

Read more at Ohio EPA


Idle Reduction Technology Tax Exemptions

REGION: United States
ELIGIBLE APPLICATIONS: Heavy Duty Trucks & Trailers sold on or after 10/4/2008
Qualified on-board idle reduction devices and advanced insulation are exempt from the federal excise tax imposed on the retail sale of heavy-duty highway trucks and trailers. The exemption also applies to the installation of qualified equipment on vehicles after the vehicles have been placed into service. For a list of eligible products and additional information about product exemption eligibility criteria, see the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) SmartWay Transport Idle Reduction website. The exemption applies to equipment that was determined by the Administrator of the EPA to reduce the idling of the tractor at a motor vehicle rest stop or other location where such vehicles remain stationary.

Read more at the US Dept. of Energy


US Department of Energy Shorepower Truck Electrification Project (STEP)

REGION: United States
ELIGIBLE APPLICATIONS: Any applicable trucks
Through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), the U. S. Department of Energy is funding a project with Cascade Sierra Solutions (CSS) to install electrified truck parking at fifty truck stop locations along the nation’s busiest freight movement corridors. To accelerate the use of truck stop electrification, the project also includes over $10 million in idle reduction equipment rebates for devices on medium and heavy-duty diesel trucks that incorporate electric standby operation or run on battery power to eliminate engine idling during mandated rest periods.

Find out more about STEP


SmartWay Transport Funding

REGION: United States
ELIGIBLE APPLICATIONS: Any applicable trucks
The SmartWay Clean Diesel Finance program aims to accelerate the deployment of energy efficient and emission control technologies by helping vehicle/equipment owners overcome financial obstacles. In 2008, EPA awarded $3.4 million to support three loans programs to help small trucking companies reduce fuel costs and emissions. These innovative loans help small trucking firms lower their fuel costs and their carbon footprint by purchasing newer used trucks and idling and emissions reduction technologies. An additional $10 million in funding will be awarded in the future.

Read more from the EPA


Georgia School Bus Retrofit Grant

REGION: Georgia
Funding is now available to install filters on school buses to lower the amount of harmful particulate matter emitted through school bus exhaust.

Read more at EE in Georgia


Pittsburgh Healthy School Bus Retrofit Fund

REGION: Pittsburgh, PA
ELIGIBLE APPLICATIONS: All 2000-2006 diesel engine school buses used for pupil transport in the Pittsburgh Public Schools system, including Types C and D (i.e. full size buses).
The Clean Air Task Force in collaboration with the Allegheny County Partnership to Reduce Diesel Pollution and the Heinz Endowments have announced the establishment of the Healthy School Bus Retrofit Fund. The goal of this rebate program is to promote a clean ride to school by providing funds to retrofit pre-2007 engine buses serving the Pittsburgh Public Schools with the most effective emission reduction technologies available, both a DPF for the tailpipe and a CCV system for the engine.

Read more at the Clean Air Task Force



REGION: Massachusetts
ELIGIBLE APPLICATIONS: All diesel-powered school buses in the Commonwealth.
MassCleanDiesel was the nation's first statewide program to reduce air pollution from diesel-powered school buses. MassCleanDiesel will equip all school buses at no expense to bus owners. MassCleanDiesel's goal is to provide cleaner rides to school for kids and healthier air for everyone.



Clean Air School Bus Program

REGION: New York State
ELIGIBLE APPLICATIONS: Municipalities, school districts, state agencies, departments, and public authorities.
The program seeks to maximize the environmental, energy, and economic benefits of introducing emission-reduction technology for school buses. Priority will be given to projects that result in greatest emission reduction per program dollar invested; are located in areas where air quality improvements are needed; leverage co-funding by the applicant or others; and support emerging technologies.



State Clean Diesel Grant Program

REGION: All 50 states and the District of Columbia.
ELIGIBLE APPLICATIONS: On and off-road construction vehicles and other diesel-powered engines.
EPA allocates funding to the states through a formula outlined in the Energy Policy Act of 2005. States may use their allocation to fund grant and load programs for clean diesel projects that use: retrofit technologies that are EPA or CARB certified or verified, idle reduction technologies that are EPA-verified, or technologies from EPA’s Emerging Technologies List.



School Bus Idling Program

REGION: New York counties of Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess; planning to be extended.
ELIGIBLE APPLICATIONS: Municipalities, school districts, and private school bus contractors.
The program provides funding for school bus fleets to retrofit their buses with diesel fuel-fired collant heaters, which can be used for preheating an engine as well as heating the cabin space while the bus stationary, reducing fuel use, emissions, and engine wear by preventing extended engine idling. Heaters can save 100 gallons of diesel fuel per bus per year, reduce maintenance costs, and improve air quality around schools.